MAC Environment Department Launches New Reports Application

The Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) Environment Department on Monday released a one-of-a-kind tool for our customers to provide data and reports in a new and exciting way. MSP Interactive Reports provides monthly data about the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) in a revolutionary way. 

The MAC Environment Department has a long history of collecting data related to the operation of MSP. The data has previously been available in a static format through Monthly Reports. The MSP Interactive Reports tool allows users to view more information in a consolidated manner. The reports are now grouped by month and consolidated into four subject areas. Each of these sections contain maps and visual aids to give readers a better understanding of the information.

“Our intent in this effort was to provide information that could be read by all of our customers,” said Brad Juffer, Assistant Manager of Noise, Environment and Planning for the MAC. “Overview pages are provided for individuals that just want a summary, while more detailed information is properly organized on the site to be more intuitive.”

The tool also delivers new capabilities to the public. The “Runway Use System Tool” demonstrates the correlation between wind direction and runway use. Using data from airfield weather reporting sources, visitors to the site can view how wind affects the operation at MSP.

MSP has also transformed its approach to displaying details on flight activity. In an industry first application, all MSP flights are now summarized each month into a heat map. This map displays precise flight counts for every area of the seven county metro area. Additionally, if specific runway and operation filters are selected the average altitude of the aircraft will also be provided.

A demonstration of this product was provided to the Planning, Development and Environment Committee of the MAC on Monday. After this demonstration, Commissioner Erica Prosser remarked, “This is incredible.  This far exceeds my expectations. We in government talk a lot about transparency and the currency we have as government is public trust. Putting the data out there for people to see is what builds that trust.” 

The full demonstration from the Planning, Development and Environment Committee is available at: