I’m Already in the Program

Consent Decree Noise Mitigation Program (2005-2014)

The MAC has provided homeowners with residential noise mitigation under the terms of a judicially approved Consent Decree based upon their home's location within legally-defined noise impact areas. The Consent Decree Noise Mitigation Program  is nearing completion. The only remaining phase of the Consent Decree Noise Mitigation Program is the Reimbursement Phase.  Homeowners eligible for this program should view these reminders: Homeowner Reminders

NOTE: Homeowner reimbursement claims under the Consent Decree Noise Mitigation Program MUST be filed by July 31, 2014.

First Amendment Program (2014-2024)

The First Amendment Program is a new residential noise mitigation program that began in March 2014 under the terms of an amended legal agreement (Consent Decree) between the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) and the cities of Richfield, Minneapolis, and Eagan, and approved by the Hennepin County District Court (effective until December 31, 2024).

Please note, homeowners who do not wish to participate in these programs may voluntarily opt-out of the program. For more information about opting-out, please contact the MAC Noise Mitigation Program Manager at 612-726-8100 or click here to Contact Us via email.

Program Phases

Find information about the Noise Mitigation Program phases.

Consent Decree Noise Mitigation Reimbursement

Find out how to be reimbursed for eligible costs for home noise mitigation installed at the homeowner's expense. Reimbursement submittals are due by July 31, 2014.