Tools & Reports

These tools and reports provide people the ability to research and investigate noise and aircraft operations for all MAC-owned airports system. Please select the tool or report that fits your needs by clicking on its title.


This tool allows users to investigate and research aircraft operations at all of the MAC-owned airports. With this tool you can view and replay flight activity interactively - with 20 minutes of delay - that took place within a 40-nautical mile radius of MSP.

Reports on the Fly 

These interactive reports allow easy access to tabular runway use, aircraft type and noise data for any desired day within the available date range. 

Monthly Operations Reports 

Each month the Noise Program Office generates a series of monthly reports that provide a comprehensive summary of the airport operations that affect the noise environment around MSP. These reports include our Technical Advisor's Report, Eagan-Mendota Heights Corridor Report, Crossing-in-the-Corridor Analysis and Runway 17 Departure Analysis Report.

Annual Reports

The Noise Program Office publishes several annual reports that you may choose from. These reports include our MSP Annual Noise Contour Report, Annual Report to the Legislature, Annual Fleet Mix Assessment, Annual Nighttime MSP Operations Assessment and Annual STP Noise Monitoring Study.

Runway Closures

This report lists runway closures of 30 minutes or longer at MSP in an effort to assist residents in determining whether any construction projects or field conditions may have an effect on aircraft operations.

Report and Document Library

This page provides searchable access to a complete set of reports and documents available for public reference.


This page provides an overview of the MAC Noise and Operations Monitoring System (MACNOMS).