How can I stay informed about PBN/RNAV procedures at MSP?

Performance-Based Navigation (PBN/RNAV) procedures are developed and implemented by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Development and implementation of new procedures can be complicated and communication with stakeholders is an essential part of the development process.  The Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) is a key stakeholder in matters affecting Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) and is committed to providing updated information about the MSP PBN/RNAV procedures as it becomes available. 

In February 2013, Mr. Jeff Hamiel, the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) Chief Executive Officer/Executive Director, provided the FAA with some recommendations for community outreach associated with future implementation of PBN/RNAV procedures at MSP. Please click here to view a copy of the MAC's letter to the FAA.

RNAV arrival procedures were implemented at MSP in March 2015. RNAV departure procedures are not being proposed for MSP at this time.

As new information become available about development and implementation of the proposed PBN/RNAV procedures, the MAC will communicate updates through the MSP Noise Oversight Committee (NOC), the quarterly MSP NOC Listening Sessions, and by publishing the new information in the "News" section of the Noise Program Office website (

Members of the public who would like to receive notification about news articles published on the Noise Program Office website may subscribe via RSS feed or by email.

Updated 12/21/2016