How to Stay Informed with the MAC Noise Program Office

Stay informed with the MAC Noise Program Office through the subscription service portal or via RSS Feed. The subscription service portal is accessible on the MAC Noise Program Office website home page and requires a valid email address. Once you are subscribed, the MSP Noise E-News will send you an email each time there is a news update.

RSS Feed

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and is often referred to as a "news feed". It is a simple and easy way to stay informed.

In order to subscribe to an RSS news feed, you must have an RSS reader. There are many kinds of RSS readers available and the specifics of how to use them will vary, but the general principles are the same. You will need the URL of the RSS feed to which you want to subscribe. Simply click on the orange RSS feed button on the page(s) you wish to subscribe to. The button looks like this: RSS icon.

In some browsers, when you click on the  RSS icon it will bring you to a page with options to select your reader. In Firefox, that looks like this:

Firefox example of subscribing to an RSS feed

In the drop-down menu on the top, you have the option to select your preferred reader. When you select your reader and press "Subscribe Now", the reader will open and you may be presented with configuration options or a confirmation prompt depending on the reader. Once you have confirmed that you want to subscribe, you will begin to see updates to that feed in your reader.

If you click on the RSS feed button and you see something that looks kind of like gibberish (which is a language called XML), you will need to copy the URL and enter it into your reader. Here is an example of what you might see, with the URL in the yellow box below:

URL for news feed

Once you have copied the URL, you will have to open your reader and find the subscription option. Generally all you will need to enter is the URL for the feed and click okay. Then you will see updates appear in your reader for that feed.

How to subscribe using Microsoft Outlook:

Note: depending on the version of Outlook you are using, the appearance and exact settings may be different.

Open Outlook and go to the RSS Feeds folder in your mailbox (in the red box below):

RSS feed folder in Outlook

Right-click on the folder and select "Add a New RSS feed". Paste the URL into the box and click Add. You may be prompted to confirm. Now you should see the name of the feed under the RSS Feeds folder. Updates to the feed will appear in the folder and can be read just like your email.