MSP Aircraft Noise Analysis for 2017 is Now Available

Each year a noise contour analysis is prepared for MSP Airport to assess actual aircraft noise exposure on residential homes around MSP and to determine possible eligibility for future noise mitigation. The 2017 Annual Noise Contour Report reveals an overall decrease in residents within the 60 dB DNL noise contour as compared to both the 2016 actual and 2007 forecast noise exposure contours.

According to the report, many homes around the airport have been provided noise mitigation beyond the actual 60 dB DNL noise exposure levels experienced in 2017. When compared to the 2007 forecast noise exposure contours, which were used to establish residential noise mitigation eligibility in the MAC’s previous program, the 2017 actual 60 dB DNL contour is approximately 27 percent smaller than the 2007 forecast contour, and the 2017 actual 65 dB DNL contour is approximately 38 percent smaller than the 2007 forecast contour. The predominant contraction in the contours from the 2007 forecast to the 2017 actual noise contour scenario is driven largely by a reduction in total aircraft operations by 28.6 percent, 274.9 fewer average daily flights in Hushkit Stage 3 aircraft, and a daily average of 3.2 fewer flights during the nighttime.

The green highlighted area in the map below shows where homeowners were invited into the into the MAC's Noise Mitigation Program in 2017 -2018. The blue area highlighted in the map shows where homeowners will be invited to participate in 2019. Address lists for these properties may be found here: Do I Qualify?

Homeowners do not need to take any action to qualify for the MAC Residential Noise Mitigation Program. Eligibility is based on calculated aircraft noise exposure related to actual aircraft activity associated with MSP. The MAC notifies homeowners in writing once a home meets the full eligibility criteria.

It is important to note that a reduction in aircraft noise exposure in 2017 compared to 2016 resulted in the 2017 actual noise contour shrinking in Minneapolis along the arrival lobe for Runway 12R. Based on this analysis, some homes that met the First- and Second-Year candidate eligibility criteria in 2016 no longer meet the noise level criteria in the 2017 noise exposure.

Visit the MAC Noise Program Office website to view the 2017 Annual Noise Contour Analysis or to view the MAC Noise Mitigation Program criteria: