MSP Noise Oversight Committee Leadership Changes

At the March 16 Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) Noise Oversight Committee (NOC) meeting, Richfield City Council Member, Tom Fitzhenry, was elected to serve as the committee’s community co-chair. Fitzhenry has been a member of the NOC since 2007 and will serve alongside standing co-chair, Jeff Hart of Delta Air Lines. The co-chairs’ terms are two years.

NOC Co-chair, Tom Fitzhenry NOC Co-chair, Jeff Hart

Tom Fitzhenry
NOC Co-chair

Jeff Hart
NOC Co-chair

Liz Petschel, outgoing co-chair, was also honored for her service to the MSP community.

In a resolution, the group commended Liz for her fairness, compassion, dedication and willingness to serve the people of her city and the MSP airport community. Petschel has represented the City of Mendota Heights since 2004 and was elected as co-chair in 2013. She has also served on the Mendota Heights Airport Relations Commission. Petschel will continue as Mendota Heights’ representative on the NOC.

Outgoing NOC Co-chair, Liz Petschel with NOC members







Liz Petschel (with flowers). From left to right: Jeff Hart, Karen Erazo, Dianne Miller, Jon Oleson, Loren Olson, Tom Fitzhenry, Paulajean Vick, John Bergman.