MSP Noise Oversight Committee November Updates


Happy Thanksgiving from the MAC Community Relations Office!

The Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport (MSP) Noise Oversight Committee (NOC) met last week on November 20, 2019. A summary of the meeting is provided below, and the meeting details, agenda, and presentations are available at

Eagan City Council Request

The Eagan City Council prepared a request for the NOC to forward to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to consider revisions to current departure procedures at MSP.  As requested by the NOC at the September meeting, MAC staff presented an assessment of each of the procedure revisions. The NOC discussed each procedure individually and identified the proposals that will be sent to the MAC Commission for review and consideration for submittal to the FAA.

Review and Approval of 2020 NOC Work Plan and Meeting Dates and 2019 Accomplishments

The NOC reviewed the draft 2020 Work Plan and potential dates for 2020 meetings as well as reviewed the work completed in 2019. The accomplishments from 2019 are listed at and include mobile noise monitoring in the City of Eagan, review of the MSP 2018 Annual Noise Contour report, a Fleet Mix and Nighttime Operations Assessment, and numerous other important work projects. In 2020, the NOC Work Plan includes a mobile noise monitoring study the City of Minnetonka, review of MSP Runways 30L and 30R departures, and review of nighttime activity on MSP Runways 12L and 12R.

Upcoming Meetings and Events

We want to hear from you! MSP Listening Sessions are held quarterly for anyone to provide input about MSP, and to learn more about what is happening at MSP including aircraft activity, aircraft noise, long-term plans, and the NOC. The next meeting will be at the MAC General Offices on Wednesday, January 22, 2020 at 7pm.

In addition, NOC meetings are open to everyone, and anyone may offer comments at each meeting. The next NOC meeting will be at the MAC General Offices on January 29, 2020 at 1:30pm. More information about upcoming meetings and events is available on our website or by clicking here: Community Relations Meeting and Events Calendar