MSP Noise Oversight Committee Updated on Aircraft Noise Topics

At its July 20, 2016 bi-monthly meeting, the Noise Oversight Committee (NOC) addressed a variety of subjects related to Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) aircraft operations and associated noise considerations.

New Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) Executive Director and CEO Brian Ryks was formally introduced to the committee and shared his background and basic philosophies on aircraft noise. Ryks began as an intern in the noise office at the MAC in the 1980s, before leading the noise office at both the Denver Stapleton Airport as well as the Denver International Airport.   

Pat Mosites, Project Manager for the MAC in the Airside Development department, then presented information about the Consent Decree First Amendment Residential Noise Mitigation Program.  The MAC will begin providing residential noise mitigation upgrades to 138 eligible single family homes and 88 multi-family units in 2017. Information about the program was mailed to homeowners in late June.  The MAC is currently in the process of securing a general contractor for this project.  In early 2017 the MAC and its consultants will begin offering informational sessions to eligible homeowners. 

Flight procedures at MSP were then discussed as Elaine Buckner, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Air Traffic Manager, presented information about turboprop operations over Mendota Heights.  At its March meeting, the NOC directed MAC staff to study concerns from Mendota Heights residents relating to smaller propeller driven aircraft overflying the city in the early morning hours.  MAC staff investigated and presented information back to the NOC at its May meeting.  The FAA committed to studying whether changes in flight procedures may be employed to provide improvements to the concerned residents.  Buckner informed the committee that their internal review is ongoing and they hope to provide an update at the September NOC meeting. 

Buckner also presented information about minor changes to RNAV arrival procedures coming to MSP in 2017.  The FAA has very recently completed internal review of the procedure changes and will soon be releasing the report detailing that analysis.  The changes, which are procedural improvements to existing routes, occur for only arriving aircraft and for only three short routes above 8,000 feet of altitude.  Buckner committed to distributing the FAA review document as soon as it is available and to presenting the findings to the NOC in September. 

The presentation portion of the meeting concluded with Dana Nelson, MAC Manager—Noise, Environment and Planning, updating the NOC members about the MAC’s efforts to improve the quality of their dialogue with the community.  Through four tactics, the Noise Office is aiming to improve both the content and medium of the interaction with the public.  While satisfied with the level of engagement, the Noise Office is continually pushing to work collaboratively with the communities they serve.

The NOC was reminded at the conclusion of the meeting that the 3rd Quarter MSP Public Input Meeting will be held at the MAC General Offices, 6040 28th Ave S, Minneapolis on July 27, 2016 at 7:00 PM.

Presentation slides used for the meeting can be found here.

NOC information can be found here.