MSP Runway Closures Tonight and Early Morning Tomorrow

Unusual runway operations may occur tonight and early morning tomorrow at MSP due to forecasted inclement weather. The incoming winter storm is forecasted to include strong northeasterly winds. These wind conditions may restrict the FAA Air Traffic Control’s ability to use MSP’s parallel runways (Runways 12L/30R and 12R/30L).

Air Traffic Controllers will assign runways that provide the greatest amount of headwind for takeoffs and landings. With northeasterly winds, arriving aircraft are expected to be routed to Runway 35 and departing aircraft will use Runway 4.  Depending on the severity of the northeasterly wind, Runway 4 may be used for both arriving and departing aircraft.

You may notice non-typical flight patterns in your community while the parallel-runways are not in use.

Anyone interested in viewing flight activity details may use the MAC FlightTracker found here: