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MSP Runway Closures Tonight and Early Morning Tomorrow

Unusual runway operations are expected to occur late night tonight and early morning tomorrow at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP). Beginning about 11 p.m. on 9/25/2019 the primary use parallel runways (Runways 12L/30R and 12R/30L) at MSP will need to be closed while maintenance crews perform work on the pavement and in the safety areas adjacent to the runways. The work is expected to conclude by 5 a.m. on 9/26/2019.

MSP Noise Oversight Committee Leadership, CRO, and More

The MSP Noise Oversight Committee met this week on July 17, 2019 and re-elected Co-Chairs Dianne Miller and Jeff Hart to continue serving as its top leadership. Members also discussed a full agenda of topics that included action pertaining to Converging Runway Operations (CRO) at MSP, presentations about the results of an analysis concerning departure activity from MSP Runway 17 and a sound monitoring study within the City of Eagan, and a briefing about the MSP Long-term Plan stakeholder engagement session that was held in June 2019.

FAA Update about Converging Runway Operations at MSP

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) shared information about the safe management of air traffic at the May Noise Oversight Committee (NOC) Meeting. NOC members have received regular updates from the FAA on federal actions taken to comply with the nationwide Converging Runway Operations (CRO) mandate. As a result of federal actions, NOC members have requested that the FAA evaluate the noise and capacity impacts related to FAA CRO compliance measures at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP).