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MD-80 Flights Diminishing at MSP


Out with the old:

The downward trend continues for MD-80 aircraft operating at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP). Delta Air Lines and American Airlines are two airlines flying MD-80 aircraft with regular service at MSP. Beginning in January 2018, Delta began relocating MD-80 aircraft to their Atlanta, Georgia hub. For March, Delta has zero scheduled MD-80 operations at MSP.

MSP Aircraft Noise Analysis for 2017 is Now Available

Each year a noise contour analysis is prepared for MSP Airport to assess actual aircraft noise exposure on residential homes around MSP and to determine possible eligibility for future noise mitigation. The 2017 Annual Noise Contour Report reveals an overall decrease in residents within the 60 dB DNL noise contour as compared to both the 2016 actual and 2007 forecast noise exposure contours.

Winter Storm Contributing to Unusual Air Traffic Patterns

Strong northeasterly winds associated with a winter storm today are contributing to unusual air traffic patterns and runway use at at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP). Early this morning, aircraft inbound to MSP were directed by Air Traffic Controllers to begin using Runway 35 for arrivals and Runway 4 for departures. Typically aircraft will arrive and depart MSP using the parallel runways, but today's blustery wind from the northeast requires different runways be used. 

2017 Year-End Highlights

The Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) continues to work toward solutions and track trends that help reduce aircraft noise for residents around Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP). While aircraft noise continues to be a concern for neighbors, below are some highlights to share from 2017. 

Winter MSP Listening Session held at Mount Olivet

Members of the public interested in the topic of aircraft noise as it relates to Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) are invited to the Winter Listening Session hosted by Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) staff and MSP Noise Oversight Committee members. The meeting will be held at Mount Olivet Lutheran Church, 5025 Knox Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55419, on January 30, 2018 at 7:00 PM. The agenda for the January meeting includes an update on recent NOC meetings, Super Bowl planning, and an open dialogue about airport topics raised by attendees.

Upcoming Open House for MAC District C

MAC Commissioner for District C, Katie Clark Sieben, is hosting an Open House at the Bloomington City Council Chambers for members of the public interested in learning about aircraft noise. Staff from the MAC will provide an update on the airport, aircraft noise trends, as well as the MAC’s plans and initiatives. This is a great opportunity for residents to ask questions, share feedback and concerns. The program will begin with opening remarks at 7:00 PM, followed by a presentation at 7:15 PM, and close with audience questions at 8:00 PM.

Ask the Expert: Wind and Runway Use

Wind conditions have a major influence on where airplanes fly, how airport runways are used and even how airports are designed. The direction of the wind will ultimately dictate how often certain runways are used and which neighborhoods will experience overflights. Wind is often the main topic of discussion when we engage with residents.