Noise Mitigation Program

noise mitigation

The MAC's Sound Insulation Program and Noise Mitigation Program efforts began in 1992 and have continued through the years to reduce aircraft noise impacts associated with Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) by providing noise reducing modifications to homes, apartment buildings and schools.

The original Sound Insulation Program (1992-2005) and the Consent Decree Noise Mitigation Program (2008-July 31, 2014) are closed. An Amended Program began in March 2014.

Homeowners who would like to participate in the Amended Program must first determine if their home is eligible. To learn more about this program, click on the links below: 

Do I Qualify?

Eligibility information for the Amended Program is based on a home address. Click Do I Qualify? to learn more.

MSP Annual Noise Contour Analysis

These reports contain the MSP Annual Noise Contour Analysis results and are published each year in March.


Contact information for the MAC Noise Mitigation Program Manager

Click here for tips for insulating your home against aircraft noise: TIPS