Flying Cloud Airport (FCM) -For Pilots

Download the FCM Pilot GuideFCM is situated 13.5 miles southwest of downtown Minneapolis within the City of Eden Prairie. Full-service fixed base operators offer corporate aircraft services, flight training, pilot supplies, fueling, aircraft mechanical and airframe maintenance, and aircraft charter, rental and sales.

The airport size is approximately 860 acres and the runways are as follows: Runway 10R/28L was extended to 5,000 feet long and widened to 100 feet in 2009; Runway 10L/28R was extended to 3,900 feet in 2008 and is 75 feet wide; and Runway 18/36 is 2,691 feet long and is 75 feet wide.

FCM has an FAA-operated control tower that operates daily during the winter season from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., and from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. during the summer.

A precision instrument approach is available to Runway 10R and non-precision instrument approaches are available to runways 10R, 28L, 28R and 36. The airport also has a published precision instrument approach procedure for helicopters.

In addition to the runway extensions, other improvements include lengthening the taxiway system and developing a new hangar area on the south side of the facility.

Noise Abatement Plan (NAP)

FCM is surrounded by noise sensitive areas. The FCM Noise Abatement Plan was developed to promote aircraft operations and procedures that help reduce noise impacts for residents living near FCM. Please review the procedures in the NAP and contact the MAC Community Relations Office at 612-725-6327 if you have any questions during normal business hours.  

Helicopter Operations

A Helicopter Letter of Agreement and designated practice area are in place at FCM to help guide helicopter operators. The designated practice area helps keep helicopter training patterns close-in to the airport as much as possible.

Operational Implementation Plan

The FCM Operational Implementation Plan is the result of an agreement between the MAC and the City of Eden Prairie that outlines actions and procedures to help reduce noise impacts in the surrounding community.

Guidance for Aircraft Operating Under Visual Flight Rules

The FAA's Advisory Circular No. 91-36d (2004) provides guidance for aircraft operating under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) flying near noise sensitive areas.