St. Paul Downtown Airport (STP) -For Pilots

Download the STP Pilot GuideSTP has three runways: Runway 14/32, which is 6,491' x 150'; Runway 13/31, which is 4004' x 150'; and Runway 9/27, which is 3,642' x 100'. STP is the only MAC-owned reliever airport with a runway longer than 5,000.'

There are precision instrument approaches for Runways 14 and 32, non-precision instrument approaches to Runways 14, 31 and 32, and a published precision instrument approach procedure for helicopters. Two fixed-base operators provide services such as fueling, flight training and maintenance.

Noise Abatement Plan

The STP Noise Abatement Plan was developed to promote aircraft operating procedures that help reduce aircraft noise and overflights for residents living near STP.

Guidance for Aircraft Operating Under Visual Flight Rules

The FAA's Advisory Circular No. 91-36d (2004) provides guidance for aircraft operating under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) flying near noise sensitive areas.

Downtown St. Paul Airport Advisory Committee (DAAC)

Information about the DAAC, including meeting schedule, agenda and activities can be found here. Aircraft operators are always welcome to participate in meetings.