MSP Runway 35 Suspension is Lifted

On Friday, August 27 the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced that, weather permitting, it would begin allowing limited use of Runway 35 for arriving aircraft at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) after having temporarily suspended arrivals on that runway a month ago due to changes in safety requirements.

In late July, the FAA announced the temporary suspension of aircraft arriving on Runway 35 (over Apple Valley, Burnsville and Bloomington) while aircraft were departing simultaneously to the northwest and west (over Minneapolis and Richfield) off Runway 30L. The suspension was triggered by new safety standards for converging runway operations. This limitation did not change departure activity south and southeast of the airport, nor did it impact arrivals from the northwest.

According to a statement by the FAA, the Runway 35" suspension was not the result of a specific event. It was based on a National Transportation Safety Board recommendation to modify arrival and departure procedures at airports with runway configurations that create intersecting flight paths. These intersecting paths pose potential risks if a landing aircraft discontinues its approach and must go around, crossing the departure flight path for the other runway."

In response to the converging runway requirements, the FAA will begin using procedures that will alternate arrivals on Runway 35 with departures on Runway 30L. The resumption of arrivals on Runway 35 could result in a 15-18 percent increase in capacity under optimum conditions. The FAA will continually assess these procedures over the next 60 days to evaluate the capacity gains and to determine if any further procedural changes are necessary.

The procedures being tested do not create new flight paths; however, residents who became accustomed to the suspension of Runway 35 arrivals will observe arrival activity once again now that the suspension is lifted.

MSP NorthFlow Runway Use with Area of Avoidance

Click here to read the FAA's press release: Press Release – FAA Statement on Minneapolis-St. Paul Air Traffic Procedures