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Consent Decree Noise Mitigation Program (2005-2014)

Beginning in 1992, the MAC has provided homeowners with residential noise mitigation based upon their home's location within legally-defined noise impact areas. Mitigation activities are broken into program phases. All phases of this program are closed as of July 31, 2014.

First Amendment Program (2014-2024)

The Consent Decree First Amendment Program is a residential noise mitigation program that began in March 2014 under the terms of an amended legal agreement (Consent Decree) between the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) and the cities of Richfield, Minneapolis, and Eagan, and approved by the Hennepin County District Court (effective until December 31, 2024). Under this program, eligibility of single-family and multi-family homes will be determined annually, based upon actual noise contours that are developed for the preceding calendar year, beginning in March 2014.

Click these links to view the first- and second-year eligibility area map and address lists:

First- and Second-Year Eligibility Area Map

First-Year Eligibility List

Second-Year Eligibility Address List

If your home is included on the First-year Eligibility Address List, it meets the first-year criteria for the Consent Decree First Amendment Program (see below for First Amendment Program information).  Other eligibility criteria that a single-family or multi-family home must meet before sound insulation is applied to the home are as follows:

(a) the community in which the home is located has adopted local land use controls and building performance standards that prohibit new residential construction or remodeling on the block in which the home is located, unless the construction or remodeling materials and practices are consistent with the noise impact levels and consistent with noise mitigation provided by this program, and

(b) the home is located, for a period of three consecutive years (the first of the three years cannot be later than calendar year 2020) in the actual 60-64 DNL noise contour published in the Annual Noise Contour Analysis report, and, within a higher noise impact mitigation area when compared to the home's status under the noise mitigation program prior to the amendment.

The MAC will offer noise mitigation to owners of eligible single-family homes and multi-family homes in the year following the determination of eligibility.

Please note: Single-family and multi-family homes that were opted out of mitigation previously are not eligible to participate in the modified mitigation program.

To view the full 2014 Annual Noise Contour Analysis report, click here: Annual Noise Contour Analyses

If your home is not located within the Consent Decree First Amendment Program eligibility area map, then your home is not eligible for noise mitigation under the MAC's Noise Mitigation Program. You may find this additional information to be helpful: Click here for TIPS on how to insulate your home against aircraft noise.

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